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Goodna Gym Challenge

Christmas and summer are upon us and we have wrapped up our last challenge of the year with some amazing results.

This challenge was our first using the Tanita body fat scales, allowing participants to receive a more in-depth print out of their body fat, muscle mass, BMI and so much more.

We also introduced a 5km a day incentive to encourage participants to keep moving and track their activity levels.

This challenge saw the highest participation in the Saturday classes throughout all 4 weeks which was exciting to see!

As a group they lost over 120kgs and 793 cms in just 4 WEEKS!! The first place winners were -

Tai - 10kg loss + 5.3% body fat loss

Mishelle - 7.6kg loss + 5.9% body fat loss

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we look forward to starting our next challenge on the 29th of January 2018.

In health & happiness

Amanda & Jenna

Challenge Yourself Goodna

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