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A Small Note from Marieka

I was privileged on Tuesday to catch a glimpse of the school carnival which was once again a fabulous event (great atmosphere) staged at the Valley Pool.

I was very fortunate to capture this beautiful action photo of Jaime swimming the 50m backstroke. I could not believed how his stroke has improved (he beautifully lifts that shoulder out of the water with a very straight arm and rotating his hips, whilst keeping his head back and still).

I am very impressed with the coach at Carole Park and how he has transformed Jaime’s technique.

Thank you so much for the great swim program you have put in place.

Jaime has been attending swim training every day of the week. He even swims the mornings where he does Hammer training at night (whilst preparing for the upcoming Australian National Championships for track and field early April).

A big shout out to the coach.

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