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To Learn to Swim is a Gift for Life!

Our aim is to teach children in a happy, enjoyable environment, whilst encouraging them to develop their respective skills at their own pace. 

Our pools are heated allowing all year round swimming. 

Our class sizes are small, which enable every child to receive personalised & individualised lessons. 

All our teachers have completed qualifications through AustSwim & Swim Australia & provide regular assessments to evaluate your childs progress.


Our learn to swim programs are available through

Goodna Aquatic Centre

Rosewood Aquatic  Centre

Carole Park Aquatic Centre

Bundamba Aquatic Centre

Leichhardt Aquatic Centre

Tenterfield Aquatic Centre

Bellbowrie Aquatic Centre

FREE lessons for babies under 6 months


Per lesson

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Intensive Block Lessons - Running every school holidays!

By swimming daily kids remember the skills & improve quicker

5 lessons in one week = 5 weeks of learning in one week

Water safety component on final day

Achieve in one week what would normally take 5 weeks

Intensive Block Lessons


per lesson

Our Swim Levels 

Squad Training



Available at Goodna Aquatic Centre, Bundamba Aquatic Centre and Carole Park Aquatic Centre 

Requirements for GOLD entry are:
• 14 years or older
• Has desire to fulfil personal swimming potential at highest level of competition
• Satisfies coach with attitude/behaviour at workouts
• Attends 7 swim workouts per week
• Attends 2 of 3 gym workouts per week
• Qualified at State or National age group level in past 12 months
compete at all meets designated by coach and swim events at those meets designated by coach

Requirements for SILVER entry are:
• Attends 5 swim workouts per week
• Attends Wednesday AM strength & conditioning workout
• Competes at club designated swim meets a minimum of 6 events per year
• Compete at all meets designated by coach and swim events at those meets designated by coach

Requirements for BRONZE entry are:
• Attends on average 3 swim sessions per week
• Can swim 7 minutes 30 seconds for 400 freestyle
• Can swim repeat 100’s freestyle on 2.00
• Can swim all 4 strokes with proper race skills

Requirements for MINI SQUAD entry are:
• Must attend minimum of 2 sessions per week, no single session swimmers
• Has basic stoke skills on 3 strokes, can swim 50 metres on 3 strokes
• Encouraged to join swim club but not a requirement

Lap Lane Swimming Available

Visit our Centre pages to find out more!

Aqua Aerobics

Dive into our aqua aerobics program today.


A great way to get your aerobic workout without the impact on the body found in dry land aerobic programs.


Land-based exercise, including aerobics, is performed by people of all ages. But along with the benefits of aerobic activity comes the high impact stress on muscles and joints, resulting in muscle soreness, stress fractures and injury – all of which may contribute to reduced activity and fitness.


Deep-water running & aerobics opens up a new opportunity for people of all ages, and varying levels of fitness, the forgiving water environment is effective and enjoyable.

Club Nights

By being a member of a local swimming club in QLD, you are now part of a team that provides QLD with an enjoyable, safe and healthy environment to develop swimming skills and promote an active lifestyle.


Swimming clubs generate a lot of community support throughout Australia and encourage Australians to get active and participate in local sport. Australia is known world-wide for our outstanding swimming performances in Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Swimming championship arenas.


Come along to our Club Nights which are held Wednesday evening (October to March) at 6:15pm. Nominations close at 6:15pm on Tuesday evenings.

Click Here for more  information.

Carole Park Entry

Adult               $5.50

Child               $4.10

Concession    $4.70

Family Pass   $12.50

Goodna Pool Entry

Adult               $5.40

Child               $4.30

Concession    $3.60

Family Pass   $16.00

Rosewood Pool Entry

Adult               $5.40

Child               $4.30

Concession    $3.60

Family Pass   $16.00

Bundamba Pool Entry

Adult               $5.40

Child               $4.30

Concession    $3.60

Family Pass   $16.00

Adult               $5.40

Child               $4.30

Concession    $3.60

Family Pass   $16.00

Leichhardt Pool Entry

Adult               $5.80

Child               $4.20

Concession    $4.80

Family Pass   $12.30

Bellbowrie Pool Entry

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