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38kgs Down!

Daniel’s life was busy running a business and being with his young family, he had let his health slide.

Daniel joined us just over a year ago, after much persuasion from his friend Paul Brown. He participated in his first Challenge Yourself Goodna 4 weeks challenge. Achieving some amazing results in that challenge he was then unstoppable.

There have been many times when he has barely slept, been sick or working massive hours and he has never let that be an excuse!! He has shown up time after time and puts in 100 percent.

It has been an inspiration to watch him change physically, mentally and grow in confidence.

I can’t wait to see just how far he will go and what else he can accomplish.

Here’s a little of what Daniel had to say!

“I joined Just Fitness Goodna on the last weekend of May 2017 – an unhappy and unhealthy 127kg. I set a goal to be under 90kg’s by the end of June 2018. On June 30 2018 – I hit 89kgs! I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of everyone at Just Fitness. The gym has everything you need – the staff are always available for advice – the classes are the right blend of challenge and fun – and the other members are a great bunch of people who have been very encouraging every step of the way. Special thanks to my Personal Trainer Amanda – who has been there with me from start to finish to construct and execute a plan to hit my goal. Amanda has thrown everything into helping me to achieve my goal – and has the right mix of toughness, experience, knowledge and passion (with a hint of crossfit) to help ensure I hit my goal on time.”

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