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Challenge Yourself

We are now in our second year of business, changing people's lives and appearances.

The challenge runs for a 4 week period, why so short you ask? The challenge is designed to give people the knowledge and tools to change their lifestyle. Bad habits can be changed into good habits in just 21 days.

The challenge starts with an initial weigh in, measurements and before photos. Participants are then encouraged to come to our Saturday morning sessions at 7am where you choose either a moderate or advanced class to participate in. The classes are designed to keep you accountable and create a great group dynamic.

Throughout the challenge participants have a booklet of information/ tools to set you up to succeed in the challenge. Amanda and Jenna are available for training, food advice and encourage you to track your meals throughout the challenge.

At the end of the 4 weeks participants are then re-weighed, measured and photos are taken. The best male and female results receive a cash prize along with other prizes from our sponsors.

Our most recent challenge has just finished, with some amazing results

Total cms lost for the challenge - 631.5

Total weight loss - 107.9kg

1st place winners:

Ben Sickmann - 9.7kgs / 29.5cm

Tika 5.8kgs / 33cms

If you want to take the first step to a new lifestyle, a better version of yourself or simply want to try something new then add us on FB - Challenge Yourself Goodna and lets get started!!

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