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Don and Jan Lobwein

Updated: May 17, 2018

Leichhardt regulars Don and Jan Lobwein, have been coming to the Leichhardt Swim Centre since 2009. Don is Jan’s carer, and brings her in 5 days a week. He never goes in the water but is a big favourite with other patrons and our staff. Jan lost the sight in her right eye Ten years ago and the medication she is on has made her bones brittle. She has since suffered fractures to her pelvis, ribs and a crushed vertebra in her chest, and has also had to have both knees replaced. However, both Don and Jan enjoy the friendship of the other patrons, and Jan loves the warm water as well so they have continued to come to the centre despite any forced rest through her breaks . “The pool staff are very friendly and helpful” she says. Both Don and Jan hope to continue coming to Leichhardt Swim Centre for many years to come.

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