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Goodna Gym Challenge

We have come to the end of yet another successful challenge!!

Our 4 week challenges are designed to give you the tools to change your lifestyle and create some new healthy habits.

May was our second challenge of the year and we had one of the largest number of participants yet.. It was also our first challenge in which we incorporated a nutritionist to work alongside our challengers. The induction was a huge success with both Steph from Eat Smart Nutrition and the guys from Nutrition

Warehouse coming down to share their knowledge. Information and guidance is key in educating challengers to get the best results they can in their lifestyle change.

Our Saturday morning challenge class was pumping and we also saw a lot of challengers hitting the gym and trying out all the other classes too.

The final results of the challenge were –


Challenge Winners –

Daniel Robinson: 7.2kgs + 6.6% Body fat loss

Mishelle Sickmann: 7.2kgs + 4.8% Body fat loss

Runner Ups –

Tai Toleafoa: 9.2kgs + 4.4% Body fat loss

Ariana Kainuku: 6.1kgs + 4.1% Body fat loss

Keep your eyes out for the next challenge in early SEPTEMBER!!!

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