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Jeremy Archer - Brisbane Tritons Water Polo

We are delighted to congratulate our dear friend and founding president of Brisbane Tritons Water Polo, Jeremy Archer on his appointment to the role of Diversity & Marketing Officer on the Water Polo Queensland Board. Jeremy’s new role is the first of its kind within the water polo community in Australia, and he joins Water Polo Queensland as one of only a small number of sporting organisations to have in place a specific diversity board role. Jeremy will be working to facilitate diversity within the sport while promoting water polo to a greater number of communities across our state.

Jeremy, we couldn’t be more proud of you. You are a true inspiration to us all and we look forward to a future of increased diversity and acceptance which you are helping to create. The JUST team and Valley Pool staff applaud your courage and commitment, and we wish you the utmost of success in your exciting new position.

For more information about Jeremy’s new role, please follow the link below.

The Brisbane Tritons are Queensland's first and only LGBTIQ-inclusive water polo club. Founded in late 2015 with the assistance of the Brisbane Barracudas, Sydney Stingers, and the Melbourne Surge, the Tritons have grown from 14 members in their first boot camp, to over 80 active members with 4 teams entered into the Brisbane Competition in 2017.

For more information, head to or drop by to the pool Sunday afternoon to watch them train

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