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Kids Gym

Gone are the days where it is acceptable or even expected to see swimmers of all ages spending hours in the gym, lifting weights and trying to build muscle. The thought process has changed in recent years, and the focus has now moved from creating a swimmer, to developing athletes. This encompasses strength building, flexibility development and all over body conditioning and coordination. Children no longer spend their days riding bikes to friend’s houses, climbing trees for hours with mates or developing their core muscle strength unknowingly through everyday activities. A strong core base is not only essential to effective and powerful swimming but a huge bonus in everyday life. Children are encouraged to attend gym sessions under the guidance of a qualified coach, and gym sessions are offered as part of our swim program at all of our facilities. Its not just about building bulk and gaining a 6 pack, its about laying the foundations in a supervised, controlled and most importantly a fun environment. So why don’t you get to the gym

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