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Second Challenge of the year calls in the numbers..

On Monday the 14th of May we had an amazing 47 people start their 4 week challenge with Challenge Yourself Goodna. Participants had already been weighed in and measured on the previous Saturday and were eager to get started.

This challenge we had our presentation on the Monday night as we had added in another important component to our challenge… a nutritionist! Steff from Eat Smart Nutrition came down to go through the basics of nutrition, eating for weight loss and fuelling your body around workouts.

We want our challenges to represent a lifestyle change, not a diet. We want participants to be educated to make better choices with food and exercise to live a happier and healthier life.

With the weekly workouts, Saturday morning classes, more nutritional guidance and our information booklets we are expecting some amazing results to come out of these 4 weeks.

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