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The benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

Weight loss, Weight Gain, fitness and toning up your body aren't the only reasons people should be joining the gym in this day and age.

Anxiety & depression,... These are the most common mental illnesses that one in four people throughout Australia suffer on a daily basis.

Mental illness can affect anyone. Most people will know someone who has experienced a mental health issue. Mental illness can affect every aspect of a person’s life including relationships, study or work. During challenging times, the support that people receive from the community is vital. This includes friends, family, employers, work colleagues and health professionals.

Exercising 30 minutes a day has been proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Exercising regularly improves energy, sleeping patterns, moods by realising the FEEL GOOD CHEMICALS in our brain.

Instead of resorting to alcohol ,illicit drugs & food which can have massive side effects and also lead to more mental health issues , simple grab your shoes and head down to gym a feel the difference what EXERCISE can do for you.

As part of the mental health Just Sports n Fitness Goodna will be giving away 7 passes and encouraging all members to bring a friend down.

Let us help you

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