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Winter is on the Way!

Winter can be the nemesis of anyone's training program, or a healthier lifestyle, with fewer hours of daylight and the lacking warmth of the winter sun, the body’s natural solar panels can find it hard to get a full charge, your energy levels drop, motivation drops. You just feel like staying in bed on these chilly mornings.

So, what can we do to get up, keep at it and stay motivated to keep on track towards our fitness goals - well here are some ideas

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Motivation wanes when the alarm is blaring trying to wake you and take you from your comfort zone. The choice of your warm bed over the dark and cold outdoors?

It becomes even harder when you are not getting enough sleep.

Go to bed early, make sure you are well rested, then getting out of bed won’t be such a struggle and you’re much more likely to make it to your daily exercise schedule.

A New Plan, a New Routine

A new season needs a new plan, if have you been using that same old program over and over, your body is stuck in a routine, break that routine!

The new season needs a new start, start afresh, give it a go, change your work out change your routine.

Start with a new plan with new exercises and new goals this winter. If you haven’t updated your program, it’s time to see one of our trainers!

Check in at the Bundamba reception now, and ask one of our dedicated personal trainers how to change your current routine and get help with a new plan or workout routine.

It's time to reprogram your program with one of our trainers now before winter is here.

Hit the Pool

The pool you say? ....OMG, that would be even colder?

Nope, not true....Once you are in, you won’t want to get out again.

Our pool at Bundamba is maintained at a pleasant 32 degrees Celsius all winter, which is an optimal temperature to keep you comfortable while you get in those few extra laps burning of the calories.

Hit the Gym

There is nothing more invigorating than starting your day with a few kilometres of walking, a quick run through the forest, then row your way down the river for a further few kilometres...

I can hear you's too cold to go outdoors!!

Once again, not true, we have state of the art, modern gym equipment, where you can set the path you chose to follow, up and down the hills, through a serene outdoor setting, gee you can even connect to your favourite social media, while you run along your favourite track... oh and by the way ...yes it is all indoors, where the temperature is just perfect.

No More Excuses needed!

Changes to Gym and Pool Opening Hours over Winter

From Monday the 16th of April. During the week we will be opening at 5.30am then closing at our usual time of 7.30pm. Saturday & Sunday we will be closing at 1pm. This will allow all those who want to come in and get there workout over with straight away.

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